A journey into multidisciplinary artistic experiences throughout the Gabriel Sherover Promenade. Two afternoons filled with performance, movement, singing, dance, alternative tours, installations and ancient crafts.

Artistic direction: Alit Kreiz and Tammy Izhaki

Photo: Chen Wagshall

On two Wednesdays in July, the Gabriel Sherover Promenade invites you to an afternoon of meetings, wandering and art. As the sun sets and the fierce summer heart cools a little, for the third year, Tsomet Lev will present a series of creations that respond to the participants and the surroundings and introduce you to people from all over the city. We invite you to come, be present and enjoy participatory experiences for all ages and all art lovers.

We invite you to explore survival techniques, join a jam session, take a performative tour, weave words and stories into improvised songs, rest in a tent and gaze up at the sky, look into unfamiliar eyes, and set out on a daring journey. But wherever you are, you won’t be far from the travel companions peppered along the promenade’s pathways, who will direct and challenge you. Keep your eye out for them.

July 20, 27 (Wednesdays) from 5:00 pm until sunset throughout the promenade. Free entrance to all the events.

This is what is waiting for you:

Crack in the Wall

Excerpts from mass, generously contributed by the monastery of St. Clair | Extracts from the work, Wall, by Ruth Hof

Yellow Brick Road

The compulsive act of creating structures out of huge yellow dominos, against all odds, even though you know their time is limited.
Created by Meirav Svirsky

Under the Same Sky

Participatory, performance installation–laundry for all–all sizes and from different sources, hung and rehung in alternating compositions. Together with the audience, laundered words and past stains are brought into the light of day.
Created by Orit Mamrud. Developer and performer: Roxy F Munteanu.
(Texts included in the artwork: Yoav Ganor, Helicon, Index 2020, Anwar Sabbah, Helicon, Index 44, Shlomit Hartmayer, Helicon, The Flying Horse, Index 111).

Travel Companions

Participants: Interspersed in the hustle and bustle of urban nature and a slew of visitors will be new travel companions who will invite you to take a moment to yourself.
Atalia Galina, Dawlet Casey, Nitsan Hasky, Noa Gil, Zahraa Yasser, Aviv Ben Shabbat, Nadav Abu Assab, Kevo Emerezian, Farah Mahmud, Noa Oron, Omer Shaul, Yoni Raam.

Flying High

How do you make a massive communal kite? How high can it fly? What wishes does it take up to the sky?
Created by Nihad Dabeet


Theatrical tour for parents and children.

Equipped with binoculars and a sense of adventure, the search will begin for secret exotic animals hidden in the bushes on the promenade. 

Created by Rotem Volk 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm

Forest Tribe 

Guided activities in the park for parents and children that teach us about nature and ourselves. A meeting between people and the natural environment that takes you back to the simplicity of tribal life and wonders if it is possible to feel free and safe in open space with your eyes shut. Everything you need to survive (and have fun) in the wild.

Led by Ofir Shadmi

6:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Jackie’s in the Park

An alternative performative tour between the park’s pathways, led by none other than a twentieth-century icon, Jackie Kennedy. An imaginary, foreign interpretation of local reality. 

Created by Ori Lenkinski.

The work is thanks to the support of the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts.

6:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Game for Two

This is a game that is played in pairs. In the game kit you will find one bag full of cards and another empty bag for treasures you will find along the way. Each card will guide you along the pathways, and help you select a shared piece of the landscape—a path, tree, rock and more. The cards will help you get to know each other, create special intimate moments, but most importantly, you will be together.
It is a game that brings parents and children closer together.
(Or brothers and sisters, friends, a couple…)
Created by Ruth Hof.
Text and Concept: Ruth Hof
Card Creation and Co-Creator: Guy Saar Ruso
Artistic Consultant: Oriya Kadari
Bag Design: Malki Amir-Danon


Two performances of a women’s choir crafted out of ancient songs from different traditions from across the globe will unfold against a backdrop of surrealistic images created out of objects typically used by choirs—dresses, music stands and songbooks.
Segments from the performance: Hymns from the Red Book.
An experiential workshop in choral singing will be held at the end of the performances.
Created by Meirav Ben – David and the Noyma Ensemble
July 20 | Performances: 5:45 pm, 6:45 pm | Singing workshop: 7:15 pm


Tucked away in a corner, in the shade of a Cypress tree behind the rocks, a new, temporary neighborhood will be constructed. Together we will gather anecdotes and stories about neighbors/neighborhoods and use them to create an oral mosaic to house us all, which will be presented as a speaking choir against the backdrop of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods.
Created by Ruth Kanner featuring the A Local Tale theatre group
July 27 | 5:45 pm, 6:45 pm

Lawn Legend

A vinyl set of groove and exotic soul from across the globe.
Music from the near and far east, music from Greece and Turkey, and African music from the 60s and 70s.
DJ Amit Eliasi


An integrated performance comprising acrobatics and dance on a massive springy surface, which creates a new relationship with gravity and a language of movement that wouldn’t be possible any other way. The performers fall, crash, jump, have fun, compete and dance together and alone.
Created by Ofir Yudilevitch. Participants: Eshed Avraham, Ben Ish Revivo
7:30 pm in the amphitheater.

The Same Water

What does music produced by eight kalimbas and 16 hands sound like? On the lawn, a massive kalimba will be waiting for you and will invite you to listen and play a melody of sounds, feelings, improvisation and theatre together.
Created by Guy Sherf with Yaniv Schnetzer.



Handmade invites you to experiment with weaving and the ancient craft of spinning using a loom and a spindle. Participants will weave or spin decorative materials, which they will use to dress up nature by covering the surrounding trees.
BeHefetz Capeah”- House of Traditional Handicrafts, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.


An invitation to create a communal embroidered picture throughout Tsomet Lev. An experiment in the ancient craft of embroidery led by professional female embroiderers.
Mayar Alajawi
Andaleeb Eid

Sounds From Another Landscape

Put on headphones and look at the view in front of you. A seamline landscape encased with sounds from the Amazon. How do the sounds you are listening to affect your perception of the reality spread before you?
Created by Yifeat Ziv.