11 Doors – Summer 2023

A multi-sensory nighttime experience for an audience of just 50 people ׀ Different artists, innovative art and an alternative experience

On top of the hill is a house with 11 doors

Outside, soup is cooking on a fire, and bread is rising in the oven.
Music wraps itself around the audience as the moon rises.
The mixture of music and the aroma of baking bread and bubbling soup wafts over the audience and hints at secrets and memories that the artworks evoke. The bread and the soup cook slowly during the artistic experience and as the event unfolds.


Wander with us through the rooms in the house and deep into your soul as you untangle your mind. Kick off your shoes, crouch down on the floor. Let’s read some old letters, share memories, and relisten to forgotten dreams. Together, we will awaken what is sleeping, play hide and seek with secrets, listen to the sounds of darkness, close our eyes to hear better and filter out the background noise so we can feel.


11 Doors is an invitation to experience nighttime, multi-sensory, artistic hosting throughout FeelBeit. Four creations spanning multiple genres weave together in an event that is bursting with stories, identities, sounds, tastes, smells, languages and feelings.


Creators and participants: Yaniv Mintzer ׀ Music: Guy Sherf and Meirav Ben David ׀ Words and Memories: Danielle Cohen Levy ׀ Dreams: Shadi Habib Allah ׀ Tastes: Chef Assaf Ron.


Artistic Director: Maya Brinner
Artistic Consultant: Emmanuel Wizthum
Content Producer: David Kosher
Producer: Daniel Ohana


June 28, July 4, 7, 11, 14,28
Starts at 10:00 pm and ends after midnight

11 Doors is a performance for 50 people. Get your tickets early!

Recommended: Clothes that are comfortable to sit in, shoes that are easy to kick off, reading glasses (for those who need them), something warm to wear because it can be chilly at night in Jerusalem, even in the summer.