In the heart of  Jerusalem, sits FeelBeit, our magical, spacious culture house. 


In a place that is boundless and untethered by conventional norms and perspectives, where three languages       (at least!) are spoken daily, we decided to meet. Now, you too are invited to begin and end your day with us.

FeelBeit Morning

Tuesday to Saturday 8:00-2:00 pm, starting June 20

While the excitement of the previous night is still palpable and just before the vibrancy of the new day takes hold, take a few minutes to enjoy a great cup of coffee and a fresh sandwich or come for a few hours with a book or your computer, alone or with a friend, to sit, chill, think, meet, talk, work – and maybe drink another cup (or a third or a fourth).

Take your coffee to a bench, look for shade, and enjoy a quiet moment in the Symphonic Garden or take Sonaris down to the promenade… 

If you look carefully, you’ll see us getting the next big thing ready for you.

FeelBeit Evening

Tuesday to Thursday from 6:00 pm until the last guest leaves, starting June 21

As the day draws to a close, we invite you to join us and soak up the brilliant colors of the sunset and Jerusalem’s crisp evening air on the most beautiful terrace in the city.

Sip a drink, warm your hands by the fire and have a bite of something that has just come out of the taboon or from Ahlam and Elad’s kitchen, alongside some of the most interesting people in the city and excellent music. 

Expect surprises – something is always about to happen in our home. Any second now, something magical could appear out of nowhere. Every summer evening, something will move your body, heart and mind. It could happen against the open landscape of the terrace. Maybe it will happen behind the bar. In the salon. In our café. It could happen in Arabic, English, Hebrew or Yiddish – but whenever it happens, you will feel immediately that it is in a language that speaks to you.

Our summer plans are constantly being changed and updated. Stay tuned by following us on our Facebook and Instagram pages or our website!

FeelBeit – Out of the Box

Mark your diaries and order tickets for a series of special events and parties this summer – there is something for everyone!


A 12-hour international musical meeting deep within the city and your soul

Itamar Doari and Alex Tobias (Barcelona) with nine other musicians from across the globe


Árkhō was one of FeelBeit’s peak events in the summer of 2022. Thousands witnessed an extraordinary musical experience unfold before their eyes. This summer, on the eve of Tu B’Av, and wrapped in the light of a full moon, this exceptional cadre of musicians are returning to create music that will open ears and hearts in a one-time performance from sunset to sunrise that will move between the terrace to the house’s multiple spaces and back out to the terrace.

Three slots:


  1.     Wednesday, August 2 from 6:30-10:00 pm
  2.     Wednesday, August 2 from 10:00 pm to sunrise on Thursday, August 3
  3.     Combo ticket: From Wednesday, August 2 from 6:30 pm to sunrise on Thursday, August 3

In Tribute to the Music of Naná Vasconcelos

Vincent Ségal (France) and Joca Perpignan (Israel/Brazil) host Maya Belsitzman

World Premiere

Vincent Ségal (cello) and Joca Perpignan (percussion) host Maya Belsitzman (cello) in a tribute concert in FeelBeit to Naná Vasconcelos, a world-renowned percussionist from Brazil, which will open the 2023 summer season.


Thursday, July 6

First performance: 6:30 pm

Second performance: 8:30 pm

Tsomet Lev Is in the House!

Joint artistic direction by Nasrin Abu Baker and Tammy Izhaki

Suitable for all ages

Tsomet Lev is moving up from the promenade to the house! For four hours, FeelBeit’s internal spaces and terrace will become a home, and the people coming through its doors will be its guests. In collaboration with dozens of artists, we invite you to explore the salon, bedrooms and children’s rooms, the kitchen, basement, attic, utility room, terrace and backyard, and to question, with us, who we become when we come home and what home is for us.

 Wednesday, July 5, 12, August 9,16

From 4:30-8:00 pm

11 Doors

Artistic Director: Maya Brinner


Artists: Yaniv Shentser, Guy Sherf, Meirav Ben David, Danielle Cohen Levy, Shadi Habib Allah, Assaf Ron

 11 Doors is an invitation to a multi-sensory nighttime experience for an audience of just 50 people that takes you on a journey throughout FeelBeit. Join us as we explore the house’s rooms, delve deep into the psyche, listen, taste, observe, dream and remember.


Wednesday, June 28

Tuesday, July 4

Friday, July 7

Tuesday, July 11

Friday, July 14

Friday, July 28

Begins at 10:00 pm and ends after midnight

Salons of Everything: FeelBeit’s Ideas Lab

Led by Yair Assulin with guest musician Aviv Bahar and additional guests 

Three consecutive nights of conversing, investigating, observing, singing and questioning the crumbling reality of the seminal era we are living in.

An intellectual-spiritual-existential experience of release and joint exploration through words, vocals and a lot of hope.



Tuesday, July 18

Wednesday, July 19

Thursday, July 20

Beginning at 8:30 pm


The World Premiere of Sonaris Featuring Kutiman


An interactive musical journey and a unique trip through the spaces of the Sherover Promenade with a personal soundtrack crafted by Kutiman, a groundbreaking musician and artist. The soundtrack is activated by Sonaris – our innovative, new digital platform – and is shaped by the movements of each participant. 

Free from July 13,

Opening Summer Party:

DJ Wa Jima and Itamar Shlomo Cohen


The sounds of Yuval Wa Jima’s nightlong and unforgettable Afro-Arab bits are etched into the walls and floor of FeeBeit. This time, Itamar Shlomo Cohen is joining DJ Wa Jima to set the club and the best terrace in the city alight again with a unique mix of the hottest songs from India and the best of the Arabian Peninsula and the Sahara. 

This Is How We Celebrate in FeelBeit

Thursday, June 22 at 9:30 pm


First time here, from Morocco: Mr. ID!

Opening Session: DJ Hectik


For the first time ever! Mr. ID is coming to us from the cosmopolitan cultural hotspot of Casablanca for a set that weaves together African history and music with rap, jazz and funk. Dance with us to the delicate sounds of the violin that blend into the sounds of African drums and traditional singing from the Atlas Mountains in a two-hour experience that you have never seen or heard at FeelBeit before.


At 11:00 pm, artists and guests of the International Jerusalem Jazz Festival will join us for an after-party. 


Thursday, June 29 at 10:00 pm