Vincent Ségal and Joca Perpignan in a tribute concert to Naná Vasconcelos with guest artist, Maya Belsitzman World Premiere

FeelBeit’s stage is dressing up and getting ready to host the opening performance of the summer season—a tribute concert to Naná Vasconcelos, one of Brazil’s legendary percussionists.  


From the noisy jungles of the Amazon to the 8th arrondissement in Paris, the sounds of the virtuoso cello of Vincent Ségal (France) and Maya Belsitzman (Israel) are about to meet the rhythmic beats of Joca Perpignan (Isreal/Brazil) in concert that brings together vibrant world music and Afro-Brazilian beats with classical European harmonies. 

Vincent Ségal and Joca Perpignan’s met for the first time in Jerusalem as part of the Masters Series in the 2014 Sacred Music Festival, where Vincent attended a concert by Naná Vasconcelos with Joca as his guest artist. It is hard to put the poignancy of Vasconcelos’ music into words, but if you click here, you can hear for yourselves. This unique performance left an indelible impression on the two musicians and melded their souls. 


Following this seminal experience, Vincent and Joca decided to join forces for the first time on stage and created a musical tribute to Vasconcelos, who passed away in 2016. The performance will feature a mix of his music and original work composed in his honor and inspired by him to commemorate him as a creator and as a person. 


Another unforgettable performance in the same concert was by gifted singer and artist Maya Belsitzman. Maya has been an integral part of FeelBeit’s evolution and played in countless, unforgettable sets in the Mekudeshet festival. So it was clear to Vincent and Joca, us, and Maya that she had to be part of this production. 


This collaborative performance will launch the 2023 summer season and will mark the transition from an annual festival, Mekudeshet, to a year-round culture house. 



Vincent Ségal: A French cellist and one of the most prolific, busiest and most respected musicians in the world music scene, and much more—notable artistic collaborations include Elvis Costello, Sting, Cesária Évora and Ibrahim Maalouf.


Joca Perpignan: Joca is a world-famous percussionist, singer and composer who lives in Israel but was born in Brazil and maintains a close connection with his homeland and its beautiful musical traditions. Perpignan has shared stages with a long list of brilliant musicians, both from Israel and abroad, and is responsible for hits like A Vida, a duet with Rotem Cohen.  


Maya Belsitzman: Cellist, singer and artist and the busiest musician in Israel. She has played with some of the best musical talents and performs in original productions in Israel and abroad. 


Gil Rouvio: Artistic Consultant

Producer: Carmi D. Wurtman 

Thursday, July 6


First performance: 6:30 pm (Tickets: pre-purchase price: 120 NIS) 

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Special package 1#

The first Naná performance (Thursday, July 7 at 6:30 pm) + the sunset Árkhō performance (Wednesday, August 2 at 6:30 pm) 

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Second performance: 8:30 pm (pre-purchase ticket price: 120 NIS) 

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Special package 2#

The second Naná performance (Thursday, July 6 at 8:30 pm) + the sunset Árkhō performance (Wednesday, August 2 at 6:30 pm)

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