A Meeting of World Music in the Heart and Hearts of the City

When was the last time you were invited to a night-long musical journey, in which nothing was certain and anything could happen? 

Árkhō, a shared space for musicians and audience, was one of the most exciting, poignant events in FeelBeit’s history. Thousands witnessed this musical magic unfold before their eyes. This summer, these same musicians, who are dying to share the stage again, are returning to create new mesmerizing sounds for FeelBeit that will open hearts and ears.

On the eve of Tu B’Av (Jewish holiday of love), in the light of a full moon, this extraordinary cadre of artists—soloists, percussionists, wind and string musicians, local and international virtuosos–are coming back to FeelBeit to continue this cultural/musical experiment. This time, in a one-time 12-hour musical meeting from sunset to sunrise, we will move from the terrace throughout our home and back to the terrace. 

This year, you can be part of the Árkhō adventure and dance to a new, extraordinary beat. We will start on the FeelBeit terrace, and as the light fades, weave it together with sunsets throughout the world and sounds from afar: Argentinian harmonies, strumming that evokes the crimson tones of Senegalese skies that descend on the Mandinka and Wolof tribes, Flamenco steps and Catalonian songs, voices and music from the Middle East and the rift of a rhythmic sunset in the Turkish maqam. 

Afterward, we will move into the house for an open musical journey, to share a night-long musical experience and greet the sunrise together as a plethora of music leads us and the world into a new day.

Join us and listen, dance, enjoy, go, return—our door will be open until the first ray of dawn.

This year, Árkhō will be in three parts, and you can purchase tickets for each part separately, or a special combo ticket: 

  1. Sunset Árkhō: Join us on the terrace at 6:30 pm to meet us and each other against the most beautiful (even if it is also the most complicated) view in Jerusalem. Árkhō Sunset will unfold outside on the terrace from 7:30-10:30 pm—but the terrace will stay open all night with tasty treats from the kitchen and drinks that will be served from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am. We recommend you bring something warm to wear–Jerusalem can be chilly at night.  
  1. Late night Árkhō until sunrise:

At 10:00 pm, Árkhō’s late performance will start and continue until sunrise at 6:30 am. The musicians will play on the central stage, and there will be acoustic time-outs on the terrace. 

  1. Late late night Árkhō and sunrise: 


At 1:30 am, join us as Árkhō’s musical adventure continues to unfold throughout the night. It will end in early morning with Árkhō’s sunrise ceremony, which will begin as the first rays of light appear on our stunning terrace. 

If you have already bought a ticket for the late show, you can join us from 10 pm or throughout the night—we will keep the fire burning. If you have bought a ticket for the Árkhō late late night and sunrise show, you can join us from 1:30 am. And don’t worry, if your eyes start closing or you are hungry, you can rest on the mattresses and use the duvets and pillows scattered around the house and on the terrace, and the kitchen will be open with delicious food until the morning. And, finally, as the sun rises, we will end Árkhō with a closing acoustic performance and a festive breakfast on the terrace. 

About Árkhō

The word Árkhō in ancient Greek means beginning or source but also evokes associations with an arc or a gate. Something that resonated with the virtuoso musical lineup crafted by Itamar Doari and Aleix Tobias, which opened up a seminal, unique experience for both the musicians and the audience.

Árkhō is an invitation to come together and shed traditional ideas about performing before an audience. It is an unscripted performance that dissolves the boundaries between rehearsal and performance, audience and performers, in which the musicians are committed to a process that grapples with how to create the music of our times.

This performance echoes FeelBeit. Like us, Árkhō is trying to create something that does not yet exist in a separate space in which an engaged, egalitarian community plays a vital role in creating nothing less than a life-changing experience.


Participating Artists:

Itamar Doari (Israel)—artistic direction and percussion

Aleix Tobias Sabater (Spain)—artistic direction and percussion

Juan Fernando Quintero (Argentina)—vocals and guitar

Uğur Önür (Turkey)—vocals and kamancheh

Momi Maiga (Senegal)—vocals and kora

Carles Dénia (Spain)—vocals and guitar

Karen Rubio Lugo (Spain)—Flamenco dancing

Mayu Shvrio (Israel)—cello

Itamar Borochov (Israel/USA)—trumpet

Yankale Segal (Israel)—bass

Elysaf Bashari (Israel)—oud and bass


Producer: Carmi D. Wurtman