Salons of Everything: FeelBeit’s Ideas Lab 2023

The house is crumbling and we are responding—the ground is shaking and shaking us—

FeelBeit’s laboratory of ideas is moving out of the salon and onto the terrace to suffuse Jerusalem’s crisp evening air with a fascinating ongoing conversation with formative partners and guests about the feelings and tragic fallout of a crumbling reality.

Dive into the depths and ascend to intellectual and spiritual peaks for two hours each evening with some of the best-placed people who set water on fire and craft contemporary reality.

Each evening, musician, Aviv Bahar, will infuse the space with sounds that lift the soul and invite us to a shared musical experience that will transport us to new spiritual realms.

Tuesday, July 18, participants:
Doron Medalie, Orit Tashoma, Aiman Tabony, Maya Magnat

Wednesday, July 19, participants:
Ofri Cnaani, Huda Abu Arqoub, Ido Pachter, Tamara Efrat

Thursday, July 20, participants:
Rami Tareef, Oriya Mevorach, Patrick Sebag

The Kiln will be a vital, existential event for a limited number of participants spanning diverse viewpoints and beliefs. And as always, in FeelBeit, there is room for any language, but in the Kiln the conversation will move primarily from English to Hebrew.